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Tarzan at Moonlight Stage
San Diego Union-Tribune review
The Vista Press review
San Diego Union-Tribune interview
"Nathaniel Dolquist has a sweet tenor singing voice, circus-level rope-climbing and flying skills and the ultra-fit physique of an actor who has worked hard to prepare for this role."
"From the minute Nathaniel swung onto the stage to the rousing applause and 'ahs' of the audience, we believed he was Tarzan."
"Nathaniel Dolquist, who plays Tarzan, is a natural. Intense, charismatic, and with a fantastic voice. "
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Nathaniel is a bicoastal actor, singer, and circus performer. He grew up in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, graduated from Yale University with a degree in Theater Studies, and has lived in New York City and Los Angeles as a professional actor.


Currently based in Los Angeles, Nathaniel has performed in 55 countries and speaks four languages. His work ethic and collaborative spirit have been praised by collaborators on every front, and his greatest joy is bringing stories to life with passionate, driven creators.


Nathaniel is also a sought-after private coach and academic tutor. His company Kingfisher Prep has helped students gain admission to prestigious programs, both academic and theatrical, at Harvard, Yale, Columbia, NYU, Dartmouth, UPenn, Oberlin, Tulane, University College Dublin, the American University in Paris, and CU Boulder.



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