About Nathaniel

Nathaniel knows what it's like to live in the Midwest, the East Coast, and the Emerald Isle.


Nathaniel studies with Victoria Clark, Dariusz Hochman, and the Freeman Studio in NYC.


Nathaniel has been to over 40 countries, always with a tuxedo bag in tow.


Nathaniel believes that black pepper is the most important ingredient in panforte.


Nathaniel once walked Clara's "Hysteria" in Florence.  "After lobby, after fountain..."

Artist Statement

I am a window between the spiritual world and the physical world.  

I utilize the power of masks, drumbeats, improvisational dance, metal bowls, fairy tales, mirrors, and open hearts to create a safe space to dialogue with shadow, pain, and Mystery.  

I aid in the creation of spiritual elders by performing and teaching wound work.  

I set up lightning rods for the Divine.  

I hold the mirror that shows a reflection.



Recent Events

April 2016: Singing in "Wall-to-Wall Stephen Schwartz" at Symphony Space and NYC solo debut in "Dido and Aeneas" at City Center

May 2015: Bobby in "A Chorus Line", graduate Yale University, move to New York City

February 2015: The Emcee in "Cabaret" at Yale University

November 2014: Riff Raff in "The Rocky Horror Show" at Yale University

October 2014: Nathaniel's first original work, "Liminal", performed at Yale University

September 2014: Realization that all baked goods should contain copious amounts of protein

May - August 2014: World Tour with the Whiffenpoofs: 28 countries in 92 days

June-August 2013: With a fellowship from Yale Nathaniel travels through Ireland (Dublin, Cork, Galway, Aran Islands) and the UK (London, Edinburgh) studying theater.  68 shows in 68 days!