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Winter 2019: BIG NEWS! Signed with Seven Stars Talent Agency in NYC/LA. Looking forward to an amazing relationship with these marvelous people

Fall 2018: concert performances throughout NYC, NYU student films, and a ballet performance for the Broadway and Ballet HERO Awards

Summer 2018: a full season at the Mac-Haydn Theater in Chatham, NY. Roles included Ernst in “Cabaret” and Glen Guglia in “The Wedding Singer”, as well as featured roles in “Damn Yankees”, “Funny Girl”, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, “Mamma Mia!”, and “Annie”

Winter 2018: Sky in "MAMMA MIA!", Fair Moon Productions in Rahway, NJ, March 23-25 

Summer 2017: Male lead in the two-person one act "Too Naked Too Soon" at the FailSafe Festival and Narrator/Assistant to Director/Occasional Understudy for staged reading of "Newton's Cradle" at Baryshnikov Arts Center

Spring 2017: Felicite the Rose and violin in "WONDERLAND" at Atlantic Theater Company

Winter 2016: "Broadway's One-Hit Wonders" at Merkin Concert Hall

Fall 2016: 12-14 ballet classes a week

Summer 2016: Understudy for Michael in "Newton's Cradle" at NYMF and ensemble in "Scorched" with the Araca Project

Spring 2016: Singing in "Wall-to-Wall Stephen Schwartz" at Symphony Space and NYC solo debut in "Dido and Aeneas" at City Center

March 2016: First ballet class with Dariusz Hochman, ballet class becomes a cornerstone of daily life

May 2015: Bobby in "A Chorus Line", graduated Yale University, moved to New York City

February 2015: The Emcee in "Cabaret" at Yale University

November 2014: Riff Raff in "The Rocky Horror Show" at Yale University

October 2014: Nathaniel's first original work, "Liminal", performed at Yale University

September 2014: Realization that all baked goods should contain copious amounts of protein

May - August 2014: World Tour with the Whiffenpoofs: 28 countries in 92 days

June-August 2013: With a fellowship from Yale Nathaniel travels through Ireland (Dublin, Cork, Galway, Aran Islands) and the UK (London, Edinburgh) studying theater.  He sees 68 shows in 68 days




Nathaniel knows what it's like to live in the Midwest, the East Coast, and the Emerald Isle.


Nathaniel studies with Victoria Clark, Mike Ruckles, Beret Arcaya, Dariusz Hochman, and the Freeman Studio in NYC.


Nathaniel has been to over 40 countries, always with a tuxedo bag in tow.


Nathaniel spent six years studying martial arts; now he studies ballet.  


Nathaniel believes that black pepper is the most important ingredient in panforte.


Nathaniel believes that the best teachers help students get out of their own way.


Nathaniel once walked Clara's "Hysteria" in Florence.  "After lobby, after fountain..."


Nathaniel believes that with a powerful imagination and well-applied discipline the most powerful gifts each human possesses can be discovered, refined, and given back to the world.


 Riff Raff - “The Rocky Horror Show”

Comedy Reel

Sky - “Mamma Mia!”

Jerry - “The Fully Monty”

Broadway and Ballet HERO Awards 2018



In both one-on-one and masterclass settings, Nathaniel's students enjoy his straightforward, simple approach to complex subjects.  He believes in a beginner's mindset and assigns homework designed to achieve adequate practice without extending into "busy work".  His lessons include relaxation and focus techniques for both performers and students. Nathaniel's ACT and SAT students have received acceptances from Harvard, Yale, UPenn, NYU, CU Boulder, and other prestigious schools; his younger students have been accepted to myriad top-ranked private schools in the New York City area.  His acting and voice students have been accepted to programs at NYU and UCLA.  


Please use the Contact tab for inquiries into:

  • ACT

  • SAT

  • ISEE

  • SSAT


  • College essay writing

  • College applications

  • Private high and middle school applications

  • English, all levels

  • Math through trigonometry

  • Other subjects through high school

  • Shakespeare analysis

  • Monologue and song coaching

  • Masterclasses in test prep, ballet, musical theater, and acting


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